Brand Review by L’Amour et la Musique!

A rare brand review  as it’s not something I’ve been seeking out these days…not that I don’t appreciate support, I just haven’t been feeling 100% about the blogger-as-advertiser model nowadays. Mercedes, as always, gives a beautiful, intelligent review of Stark….

About Our Vegan Ingredients

High quality 100% botanical ingredients are what we use at Stark Skincare… not as “feature” ingredients, but as the CORE ingredients  in ALL our natural skincare products. Some ingredients are even approved by goats (hey, that says something!). When available, we use 100% organic…

VIDEO: What the heck is an orifice reducer (and why you should care).

On bottle tops, sustainability and meditation. Plus, I make kegel jokes.

VIDEO: Why we changed our look, and how it affects our formulas.