Getting the most out of facial oils

I can hardly believe it, but facial oils really have broken out into the mass market. Every single skincare company, large and small, natural and not, seem to have their own apothecary-style facial oil! (must be why my bottle supplier told me that they are “running out of the rubber” for the droppers…yikes.) In fact, I have noticed that my job has been less and less about “convincing people it’s ok to use oil on their face”, and that there’s nothing to fear about oils, as it was a few years ago. This is a major perception shift for a lot of people. People are getting it! Huzzah!

This oily invasion is such a great thing, as oils are truly the best for your skin…if you are using them correctly!

Here’s a few very easy tips to follow to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to oils.

1. Apply to clean skin, apply with clean hands. Make sure you’re face is clear of debris and detritus (lol), makeup, mime makeup, what have you. Make sure your hands have been washed as well. NEVER do anything to your face with dirty hands. Gross.

2. Layer the right way. In the colder months, especially, you may find yourself layering your facial products just as you layer your clothes. Now, on Christmas morning my family likes to put on new undies on top of their PJs, socks on their hands, new PJs on their heads, and just muddle up the whole logically procession of things, but that doesn’t work with skincare. Just like dressing for a regular day, you apply lightest layers first, then heavier items on top. You will do this for two reasons: your skin absorbs the lightest of layers first, working it’s way to the top layer. The top layer, being the heaviest, will act as a comfy coat (aka an occlusive layer, acting to keep in moisture and block out the world), protecting your skin from the elements. Lightest to heaviest. So, it would be something like this (if you used a lot of product): After cleansing, toner, water-based serum, light lotion, oil, cream, balm. My own layers would be toner, new super-secret product I’m working on (it’s SO freaking awesome I can’t wait to keep developing it!!!), oil and the new balm I’m working on.

3. Apply to very damp skin. I always, always do this and it makes a massive difference. In fact, this could be the #1 tip if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Why? You will feel your skin absorb the oil quickly, and it will sink in beautifully, with zero residue left over. It will help your skin rebalance itself and just feel soft, healthy and beautiful. When I’m massively lazy in a huge rush, that’s all I do to my skin. Wash (or spritz with WB), shake off slightly, 2 drops oil on face, let it do it’s thing.  If you have very dry, thirsty skin, you should definitely still follow this step, but layer, as per above. Your skin will need a bit more of an occlusive layer to achieve maximum happiness.

4. Tap and massage. Don’t worry about getting this precisely right, but part of the beauty of facial oils is that it gives you an excuse for a little massage. Tap the oils in a few dots across your forehead, along cheekbones, on the chin. Press, into your skin (and breathe in! You’ll get the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the oils!), then gently massage in an upward/outward motion.

There you have it! 4 tips to get the most of facial oils, so you can continue to have a long, beautiful relationship together (because it’s SO worth it!)

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