7 Easiest Après-Sun Skin Tips

sun burn tips

Oh, sunny days: so necessary for vitamin D and summer happiness, so un-welcomed for premature aging, burns, and the chronically pale. Rather than getting sun-kissed, did you have an unintentional make out session with the sun instead? In lieu of a healthy glow, did you achieve a shade better described as internal-organ magenta? Did you unexpectedly get in touch with your inner lobster? Despite our best efforts to protect our skin against too much sun, sometimes it just happens; burns. Hey, no prob! This summer, we’ve got your back (soothed, un-itching and non-peeling) with Stark’s 7 easiest après-sun skin DIYs!

1-Arguably the best after-sun friend, we had to highlight her first: aloe vera gel has long been known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties while re-hydrating and nourishing scorched skin. To be clear, we’re talking the all-natural, no additive gel here, or better yet, the guts of the actual PLANT! Simply slather on your skin, let dry, repeat as often as you like. For extra benefits, add an essential oil of your choice (peppermint for extra cooling, chamomile for extra calming and anti-inflam, etc.).

2-Although it might have been breakfast, it is also your sought after, after-sun facial cleanser. Oatmeal and yogurt are so gentle, and have seriously soothing properties, while the oatmeal is also a tender exfoliator. Mix equal parts oatmeal and plain yogurt. Get creative here by adding a little honey to heal, or an essential oil of choice for some aromatherapy. Smooth onto your face in little circular motions, then rinse off with warm water. Not only will your sunburn have been consoled, this cleanse will leave your face bunnyrabbit-bum soft.

3-Even though it might be a part of dinner, fetch your spritzer and pour in vinegar. White or apple cider vinegar misted onto a sunburn can prevent skin degeneration such as peeling and blistering. Smell too salady? Mix up equal parts water and vinegar and spray on crispy skin before bedtime.

4-Cool water after a hot day can be just the ticket. To soothe and lessen the likelihood of peeling, add ½-1 cup oatmeal or baking soda to your bath. Keep in mind that although tempting, soaking too long can actually aggravate dry skin further, so limit your tub time! Very important to hydrate after your bath to hold the moisture. Suggestions for slather: coconut oil, shea butter or Stark’s meadowfoam.

5- Your after-sun bud, the spud: For severely sun exposed skin, turn to the plain ol’ potato as a pain remedy. This time-tested method will soothe, cool, and expedite healing. Take a potato (or several, depending on the size of the area you want to treat), cut into chunks, and place them in a blender or food processor. Pulverize the potato until it has transformed into a slurry (you can add a little water if the texture is not slurry-like). Place the mash on your burn. Let dry, then wash off with cool water. Alternatively, you can smooth the slurry onto a cheesecloth/dish towel/other and place this on your burn. You can use this method as often as you wish. Ah, the relief!

6- You know how when you’re burnt the idea of any clothing actually touching you, even your after-beach flowy mumu, makes you cringe? Sprinkle cornstarch on your burn to ease chafing. This works especially nicely around the bra strap area.

7-Make your sunburn sweeter with raw honey (or propolis). After aloe vera-ing and/or moisturizing, raw honey’s skin cell rejuvenation and healing properties can do just the trick for spot-checking those areas that really got scorched. Before bed, rub a small amount onto any specific zones that look more red, peeling, or are blistering. In the morning this will have most likely completely absorbed, if not, use a damp cloth to remove any stickiness.

Treasure the sun exposure rule of thumb: hydrate, both inside and out. Drink boat loads of water before, during and after sun time (and anytime, really), and moisturize like cray-cray post-sun time (shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe, argan oil, Stark’s Grapefruit or Meadowfoam, all great options, and Cypress helps undo sun-damage as well as protect against it!). And although all these tips are so super magnificent, you know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a shit load of cure. So don’t forget to sunscreen yourself with creams, shades, and hats. ‘Cause guess what?! Each and every one of these tips is still useful, easy, effective, and still do-able, even if you haven’t been crisped by the sun’s rays.

Got any of your own awesome and easy after-sun tips? We’re dying to know! Dish and discuss, below. Beach balls, flip flops, watermelon juice running down your arm, sand in places you didn’t even know existed…and embracing the sun. Let us know how you do with these après-sun DIYs, and happy summering!



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