Ingredient Spotlight: Cypress Essential Oil

Distilling the leaves, needles, cones and twigs of the coniferous Cypress tree yields the invigorating woody spice of Cypress Oil (cupressus sempervirens).

This purifying essence regulates sebum, clearing greasy, congested skin and preventing nasty blemishes and breakouts. Astringents help the skin to contract, and cypress oil does just so. This translates to tighter looking skin, smaller looking pores, tighter hair follicles preventing hair loss, and has even been known to strengthen the gums and abdominal muscles when taken internally! This coupling of regulating sebum and being an astringent, makes cypress oil the ideal friend for conditioning and hydrating oilier complexions, leaving skin soft – not slick. This cypress oil combo of sebum-control and astringent, echos over to hair care where it is put to good use reducing scalp oiliness, dandruff, as well as increasing circulation to the follicles helping with hair-loss prevention.

Cypress is also an antiseptic due to the presence of camphene, making it a choice healer and skin cell renewer. An excellent natural deodorant and antiperspirant, cypress oil can be used to execute the bacteria responsible for unsightly b.o. and funky feet.

A blended bouquet of spruce forest bonds with a tiny bite of spicy sweetness and grounds into earthy, making for a distinct, perfect-for-anyone unisex fragrance that tones and restores. Aromatherapeutically, you can call on Cypress to calm, sedate, and soothe in the times of lady monthlies. Where sebum needs to be kept in check, cypress is your go-to saint.

Find it in our Cypress Purity + Defense Oil, a fragrant, quick-absorbing facial oil that transforms oily, congested and combo skin. A perfect after-shave for men, too!

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