Ingredient Spotlight: Meadowfoam Seed Oil

How can something so profoundly and seriously hydrating, feel so ultra-light going on? That’s the the magic of Meadowfoam seed oil (Limnanthes Alba).

So aptly named, as a field of these cute little white flowers in the breeze looks like foam on the ocean’s waves, this nutrient-rich oil moisturizes and rejuvenates like no other. Safe for everyone and everywhere, Meadowfoam seed oil not only moisturizes but locks the moisture in, keeping you hydrated and creating a barrier between you and environmental skin destroyers like UV and pollution.

We say ‘like no other’ and mean it – when Meadowfoam oil was first presented to the world as an alternative to sperm whale oil, cold-pressing these seeds yielded 98% long fatty acids chains, of which three of these chains had never been seen before, or since! This explains Meadowfoam’s distinctly luxurious feel, these abundant fatty acids notorious for reducing the signs of aging and wrinkles. Not only a heroine for your skin but for the planet, Meadowfoam is an exceptionally sustainable crop: it does not require pesticides or herbicides to thrive, can be used as a rotation crop, and pressed seeds and hulls are even fed to livestock as a nutritious supplement.

Meadowfoam seeps in swiftly, leaving you oh-so silkalicious. Non-greasy and feathery soft going on to skin, nails or hair, we dare you not to be captivated by the dreamy essence of this oil.

Find it in our luscious body oil: Meadowfoam The Everybody oil (coming back soon!).
A light, nourishing oil with a soft scent. Perfect for everybody in the family!

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