Cleansing balm

Shea butter. It's got a real personality of its own. You may never experience this, as it depends on  the season or the climate you live in, but grainy balm is a little fact of life when you deal with very natural products. I do what I can to control graininess, but keep in mind [...]

You probably know that I love all my Stark products (duh, why would I offer you anything I didn't love? That would be super lame!). What's shaping up to be our most popular item is that Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate balm, which is a yummy mix of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, some camellia [...]

inquiring minds want to know…

Bet you didn't think it was THAT easy, huh? Psst, if the video above isn't working, here's the link.

A Week in Reviews

Holy press mentions, Batman! (ouch, that was lame, so sorry.) Quite the week we had for reviews... in fact, it was our very first week of reviews and press, and we got 3 amazing reviews on 2 very, very classy and gorgeous sites. I seriously could not be more excited! Check out our Cy oil [...]