13 alternate uses for Stark products

13 alternate uses for Stark products

13 alternate uses for Stark products

If I had my own Stark store I would tell you this:
“Hey, did you know you can multi-purpose the %$#@ out of your products? Check this out…”

Then I would grab any Stark product and show you a bunch of ways they can be used. And you would be like “whaaaaaat, that’s incredible!” and look at me with awe and wonder in your eyes. Then we’d high-five and grab some tacos for lunch.

I designed each product so that they are multi-purpose. Mostly, because I’m lazy and I want my own personal products to do more than one thing. Some of the products, like the Grapefruit Balm, are so versatile that they would give Inspector Gadget a run for his money (except he’s got those automated rollerskate shoes, so I bet he’s really fast.)

Here are some of my favorite ways to multi-purpose Stark products:
(By the way…any time you see a + between product names in one of these tips, I basically mean mix “x + y”, normally a few drops at a time, on the back or palm of your hand and apply. I don’t mean combining the products in the bottles. Just, you know, to be clear. 🙂

  1. Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate balm as an eye-makeup remover. Destroys mascara stat!
  2. Grapefruit balm as a hair-treatment for coarse, dry hair, calm staticky fly-aways or unruly eyebrows.
  3. Grapefruit balm + Green Tea Detox Clay Mask as a scrub or as a leave-on mask I like to call “nutrient mud”.
  4. Grapefruit Balm + any oil (Cypress, Neroli or Medowfoam) to create a thick, hydrating oil serum or hydrating mask…great when the weather is really cold and dry!
  5. Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion + any oil. Ok, actually I designed “ev” to be used with an oil however, you can use the two either as 2 seperate layers of product on your skin (“ev” should come before an oil) OR you can just combine a couple drops of each on your hand and apply to your face.
  6. Green Tea Detox Clay Mask + White Willow Bark Perfecting Tonic to create a superpotent anti-acne mask or spot treatment.
  7. White Willow Bark Perfecting Tonic as a “pit pH adjuster”. If you use natural deodorant, then you may be creating too-alkaline pits (natural deodorants generally contain basic baking soda) which could make your deo less effective over time. A couple spritz of WB per week will help your pits pH readjust…and get your deo working harder again!
  8. Neroli Midnight Oil as a hair perfume. Try it because mmmmm. (PS..yes, Neroli can be used during the day, too! Great if you have skin on the dry side.)
  9. Meadowfoam Everybody Oil is probably the most versatile of the bunch. Use it as a hair oil, body oil for the whole family (did you know I made it to prevent my pregnancy stretch marks but also as a baby massage oil?), OR as a cleanser. Yes! It makes an incredible oil-cleanser, especially if your skin is acne-prone!  In fact, I decided NOT to formulate a seperate oil cleanser (besides the Grapefruit balm) because this one works so well!
  10. Cypress Purity + Defense Oil as a sweaty-head-or-feet deodorizer! (Don’t ask me how I know this is really effective. *Shifty eyes*.)
  11. A few drops of Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion to thin out BB cream/other makeup/create a liquid foundation out of powder or mineral makeup so it glides on better and nourishes skin.
  12. Argan Lip Treatment as a nose/chin/cheek protector for little ones when it gets cold out!
  13. Cypress Purity + Defense Oil for manly maintenance. Makes a great beard and mustache softener! (Also, has a more masculine-type foresty scent, so men tend to love it!)

Do you have your own unique ways of using Stark products? I’d love to hear what you do with them!


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