a coffee and a cat

Ahhh! Is there anything better than a morning coffee with your cat? Pictured here is the female half of my Siamese cat pair; Mi Ae.

She’s a pretty good coworker.

One of Mi Ae’s favourite past times is licking my hands as I type when I have fresh body butter on them. I know, sounds gross but it’s one of those things that really isn’t so bad when it’s your own pet. Good thing my butters are all natural! She probably knows that she’s supplementing her diet with rich essential fatty acids and vitamin E. amongst so much more that I don’t feel like listing right now. Oh, Mi Ae!

And since we’re sharing, my coffee is fair trade from Costa Rica (my potential future home) that I got for FREE at Toi Moi et Cafe here in Saint-Henri. All I had to do was buy a coffee and a slice of cake and I got 1/2 lb of coffee for free! Try the Cafe Savan, it’s a crazy orangey latte (yeah, I love citrus) and the key lime cheesecake, because that’s what I had. I swoon! But here at home, I just have my coffee with some almond milk, and toast with Avocado, or sometimes Marmite and cheddar cheese. Don’t knock it ’till you try it!

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