How to do a face massage

Here’s a ritual you probably need ASAP:
face massage and acupressure

Facial massage and acupressure promotes good circulation, cell turnover and is très relaxing. It’s an easy ritual to incorporate into your daily routine…plus, it helps you get the most of your facial products! After cleansing skin with Stark’s balm, use our CY or NL oil for massage.

Do this daily + feel free to improvise your own moves! ♡

  1. Use a few drops of oil, and lightly sweep all over face.
  2. Massage in a circular motion the point on your forehead over the bridge of your nose, where your eyebrows meet. You’ll feel a slight indentation and some tenderness (lots of stress is held here).
  3. Work your way outwards, in small circular motions, until you are at your temples. Gently massage. Breathe!
  4. Take the hand from the opposite side of your head and sweep across your eyes, outwards in and upwards.
  5. Gently press along the bottom bone of your eye socket, and walk your fingers across the bone.
  6. After doing both side, lightly hold your hands over your eyes.
  7. Find the midpoint from the middle of your eyes to the corners of your mouth, and find the indent that is tender. Gently massage this point….this is the BEST!
  8. Now do the same to the corners of your mouth.
  9. Do the same to the point just beside each nostril. (If you smile, you’ll look really funny!)
  10. Gently squeeze your chin. Work your way from the centre, out.
  11. Massage the jaw where the upper jaw meets lower. Work that tension out!
  12. Massage behind the ears and where the jaw ends in that area. Sooo tender!
  13. Now just sweep across your face (upwards motion!). Do this lightly a few times.
  14. Now get behind your ears and rub your scalp and your ears themselves. There’s a TON of pressure points back here, so anything that’s tender, just give it a little TLC. Give your earlobes little tugs!
  15. Rub the scalp behind your forehead. Get your fingers in there!
  16. You’re done! Drink some water. 🙂

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