some uncommon advice from stark

sounds like good advice to me

I needed to share this little quote I found on stumbleupon, as it’s very apt, to me.

Everything  that is important to me in my life is pretty much because I burnt a bridge at some point. Quitting jobs that made me unhappy. Going back to school. Quitting school when I felt that a formal education, more debt than I could possibly handle and a very expensive diploma on my wall was just not the best thing I could do for myself. ( BUT, stay in school, kids!) Going against the grain, going against the advice of others, doing pretty much just as I damned well pleased, because my gut told me to, has given me the clearest picture I have ever had of my future.

And you know, I like the way it looks.

My advice to you, oh gentle reader, is to be reckless when you know deep down that you really ought to. Sever the ties that strangle you.

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