Stark is anti-pollution skincare!

Environmental repair and protection to skin is a key benefit to using Stark Skincare.


There is something being left unsaid about skin’s health: that the environment we live in plays a large role in the health and overall appearance of our skin.

Pollution, the degradation of air quality due to poisonous, toxic contamination, is one of the single-most destructive factors to the health and wellness of all living things. Of course, this includes human skin.

In terms of our skin, pollution also causes needless inflammation in the body, which leads to acne and wrinkles. A poor environment, with an abundance of free-radicals, greatly diminishes the human body’s ability to proliferate cell-turnover. Cell-turnover is one of the most important aspects of maintaining healthy looking skin, free of wrinkles, sagging, and clogged pores, and helps to prolong the look of a youthful glow.

Pollution is leading to “premature ageing”, just as the sun’s rays are, and some evidence shows that pollution is making the absorption of UV even more damaging. Yeah. Pollution and UV are tag-teaming against your skin. Worst of all, pollution does not just take place outdoors. The quality of indoor air is in fact poorer than outdoor air. When you couple this with conventional skincare products that use mostly synthetic toxins, such as phthalates, parabens, mineral oil and fragrances, how can skin even breathe?

Well, it can’t.

In response to this clear need for environmental repair, especially as it relates to adult acne and premature ageing, Stark has been custom-tailored for a city dweller’s skin’s needs. By using only all-natural, ultra-beneficial ingredients that boost the skin’s natural ability to protect and repair itself from the environment with a surge of antioxidant-rich ingredients that the skin is readily able to use. Stark also helps with environmental defense by protecting and strengthening the skin’s delicate acid mantle (a protective film usually stripped away by most commercial skincare products…it’s like the skin’s ozone layer). Our oils and balm also create an occlusive layer on the skin’s surface, further protecting it from damage. Our CYPRESS Purity + Defense Oil even has natural SPF. Stark also uses the power of aromatherapy to elevate the spirit and bust stress, because urban lifestyles can be stressful (stress being another major destroyer of healthy skin).

Don’t let pollution get you down. Think of Stark as your skin’s breath of fresh air.

Make it a ritual.

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