We're on the Eco Hub!

We’re on the Eco Hub!

Candice Batista is probably Canada’s best-known champion of all things eco. A regular on the Marilyn Dennis show (as well as being the show’s eco-expert and producer), she is our nation’s go-to source to discover the best eco-brands, learn about important issues that affect the environment, tons of tips and tricks on sustainable living and is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about green beauty.

Stark is honoured to be part of her newest project, a GORGEOUS website called the Eco Hub.

Check out the awesome beauty directory!

Ok, so that links directly to my brand page (heh heh), but do check out my fellow colleagues as well! This group is very well vetted by Candice.

Also, I was interviewed for the Eco Hub a short while back, and it may just be one of my favorite interview of all time. I talk about the use of adaptogenic herbs in Stark! If you’re a bit of a plant/beauty nerd, you definitely want to read it.  Check that out here


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